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Make Egg-Cellent Use of Time with Bledsoe Teacher Tools' Easter Egg Timers!

Spring is hopping in, and with it comes the excitement of Easter! But don't let the holiday preparations scramble your classroom routine. Bledsoe Teacher Tools on YouTube has you covered with a basketful of fun and functional Easter Egg timers.

These engaging timers are the perfect way to manage classroom activities during the Easter season. Choose from a variety of lengths, all featuring adorable Easter visuals and cheery background music. Whether you need a quick countdown for coloring eggs or a longer timer for an Easter egg hunt, there's a timer to fit your lesson plan. So ditch the plain old timers and hop on over to Bledsoe Teacher Tools YouTube channel to find the perfect Easter egg timer to add some springtime cheer to your classroom!

Click the image below to go to the playlist with all the Easter Egg Timer!

And as always if you need to pin to find later, here's your pinable image

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