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Valentine's Day Subitizing Video and Flashcards

Subitizing, the ability to instantly recognize how many in a small set, is an extremely important math skill for our students to have. Fun quick videos are an easy way to have students practice this on a daily basis. Here is a Valentine's Day themed subitizing video.

Along with the video you can get flashcards to use in math centers or math games. These cards can be used in matching the numerals with the ten frame, tally mark and objects of the correct amount. You can also create a fun memory game with these cards. The cards could be printed and used as flashcards for quick practice of subitizing and numeral recognition.

This set of flashcards has print options in one card per page, 4 cards per page, 6 cards per page, nine cards per page, and twelve cards per page, pick what works best for how you will be using these cards. Find the flashcards here.

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